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 Word = رَشِيْدٌ


 Word meaning

  a right minded man, a man of rectitude, rightly directed


  act. 2 pic.


  ر ش د

 Other words with same root


  الرَّاشِدُوْنَ -   الرَّشَادُ -   الرَّشْدُ (رَشَداً) -   الرُّشْدُ -   رَشَدَ يَرْشُدُ وَ رَشِدَ يَرْشَدُ رَشْداً وَ رَشَداً وَ رَشِداً -   مُرْشِدٌ -   يَرْشُدُوْنَ -


  وَمَا أَمْرُ فِرْعَوْنَ بِرَشِيدٍ

 Ayah meaning

  And the comandment of Fir'awn was not rightly directed. [11:97]


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