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 Word = يُؤْفَكُ


 Word meaning

  is turned away


  pip. 3 p. m. plu.


  أ ف ك

 Other words with same root


  أَفَكَ يَأْفِكُ إِفْكاً -   أَفَّاكٌ -   أُفِكَ -   إِفْكٌ -   الْمُؤْتَفِكَاتُ -   الْمُؤْتَفِكَةُ -   تَأْفِكُ -   تُؤْفَكُوْنَ -   يَأْفِكُوْنَ -   يُؤْفَكُوْنَ -


  يُؤْفَكُ عَنْهُ مَنْ أُفِكَ

 Ayah meaning

  Through which are deluded (away from the Truth) such as would be deluded.  [51:9]


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