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 Word = مَحْمُوْدٌ


 Word meaning

  praised. This praised place, station or place of praise, according to different ways of rendering, is the post of intercession on behalf of others assigned to the holy Prophet-- PBUH-- Ibn Kathir.


  pact. pic. m. sing.


  ح م د

 Other words with same root


  أَحْمَدُ -   الحَامِدُوْنَ -   الحَمْدُ -   حَمِدَ يَحْمَدُ حَمْداً -   حَمِيْدٌ -   حَمْدٌ -   مُحَمَّدٌ -   يُحْمَدُوْا n.d. acc. > يُحْمَدُوْنَ -


  مَقَامًا مَحْمُودًا

 Ayah meaning

  a praised place [17:79]


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