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 Word = نَكَحَ يَنْكِحُ نِكَاحاً


 Word meaning

  to marry, contract a marriage (Note: According to lexiconology the word نِكَاحٌ means the sexual relation but in the Quranic glossary it denotes only the contracts of marriage)




  ن ك ح

 Other words with same root


  أَنْ يَنْكِحْ -   أُنْكِحَ -   النِّكَاحُ -   انْكِحُوْا -   تُنْكِحُوْا -   فَانْكِحُوْا -   لَا تَنْكِحُوْا -   لَا تُنْكِحُوْا -   نَكَحَ -   نَكَحْتُمْ -   نِكَاحاً -   يَسْتَنْكِحُ -   يَنْكِحْ -   يَنْكِحْنَ -   يُنْكِحُ -